Monday, 10 October 2011

Great Anticipation

Today I was pondering anticipation and the inevitable feeling of let-down, sadness and disappointment once the event or thing we were looking forward to is over.
This weekend saw the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar round. Living not too far from Mt Panorama there are several weeks worth of anticipation leading up to race week, then the race itself, then to see who will win. (My family are big V8 fans and I have to say 'Well done' to Team Vodafone, 888 racing, Craig Lowndes and Mark Skaife on an awesome 2nd place.) But I have to admit that there is a certain amount of sadness when the day is over - until next year.
This got me thinking about the things I/we anticipate in life. You know, the big events. Birthday's, Christmas, Weddings, school holidays (if you're like me), the birth of our children, their first smiles and first steps.
We look forward to the change in seasons and wait for the vegetable garden to produce its crops, we wait for the kids to get home from school and how long do we sit and wait for the traffic lights to change each week?
When I began to think about all the time I spend waiting and anticipating I had to ask myself a question. Do I wait and anticipate Christ's return with the same excitement and enthusiasm? To be honest I would have to say 'No'. This is not because I'm not looking forward to this, it's just that sometimes we get caught up in life and the endless list of tasks to accomplish each day.
I know Christ is eagerly anticipating the day He'll take all His children to be with Him, but He waits patiently so the harvest may increase.
So, if I live my life in the same way, anticipating and eagerly waiting for Him, it is the one event that will not leave me feeling sad when it's all over.
So I'll wait...with great anticipation...expectantly!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pondering Today...

Today I have been pondering the fear of failure. I don't know about you but this is something that I struggle with. The news alone lately is enough to strike fear into most of us, fear of the eccomony failing, fear of the failure of our government and leaders to make the best decions for our nation. The list could go on and on.
Not so long ago all these things would have had me anxious to say the least, but I've come to understand something...I can't live in fear and have faith at the same time. It's just not possible. Am I in fear of failing? Yes, however, I need to make the consious effort to let it go. I need to take hold of the fact that it doesn't matter if I fail...that's not to say this comes easy, but I will only truly fail if I stop trying in the first place.
It brought me to thinking about a few things. When Jonah feared failure in Nineveh and tried to run away...God didn't just say 'Oh well...time to find someone else to send.' We know that in the end Jonah overcame his fear and did go to Nineveh. The effects of their repentance was huge. God used this often faithless man dispite his shortcomings.
The time Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, he was fine until he took his eyes off Jesus.When Peter called out to Jesus for help, Jesus didn't say 'Oh well...looks like I need a new disciple.' He reached out His hand and saved Peter from the waves. He didn't turn his back, He didn't give up.
In so many ways I see Jonah and Peter in myself. There are times God calls me to 'go' or 'do'. But I let the fear of failure stop me. I think 'What if I don't have all the answers?', 'What if I'm not good enough?'
You know what, I don't have all the answers and I'll never be good enough but that should never stop me from doing what God leads me to do.
I won't live in fear of failure. Because I can do all things through Him that strengthens me.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Something funny...but true.

A friend of mine, Mary, and her daughter Lucy, are great animal lovers. Recently we had been going through a very cold spell, well it is winter. Anyway it was a cold, wet and windy week and Lucy was concerned about a dog that lived on a property between her and her parents.
This poor dog was chained to a starpicket post in the middle of a paddock with no protection from the wind and rain.
Very concerned at this point Lucy left a note, which was pretty blunt, in the property mailbox asking the owners to provide shelter for their dog. The next day as Lucy was driving along she noticed an umbrella had been taped to the top of the starpicket, but in the windy conditions it had been blown inside out.
Lucy saw red and went home to contact the RSPCA.
The next week Mary went out to Lucy's and noticed that the dog was still there with only the inside-out umbrella as shelter. Both Mary and Lucy were furious.
Mary decided she would go to town and make a complaint about the situation herself. She went to the RSPCA, made the compliant and went home.
Meanwhile Lucy's husband was getting so tired of hearing about the poor dog he decided he'd pull out an old dog house they had lying around and take it up for the dog in the paddock.
A couple of hours after she returned home, Mary received a phonecall.
"This is ....from the RSPCA. I wanted to thank you for your concern for the welfare of this dog. You're not the first person to report this dog to us."
"No. My daughter has also complained."
"Well I can let you know that we have sent an officer out to investigate and I don't know how to tell you...It's a statue."
Mary was speachless. Then after a good laugh Mary thanked the woman and hung up feeling a little foolish.
An hour or so later Mary received another phonecall.
"Mary? It's ....from the RSPCA again."
"We're still laughing."

This did actually happen. The names of those involved have been changed for privacy reasons.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Pondering Today...

Today a very good friend reminded me that everything we endure in our lives moulds us into who we are today. There is no-one exactly like me. This wise friend explained that a little sapling tree while pretty and perfectly shaped is in reality rather boring, a bonsai on the other hand is shaped and pruned and crafted after the gardener's design. I think I'm a little like that bonsai. Bits of my life have been pruned away. It has been shaped by situations and circumstances throughout my life. I can see now that my life has been crafted by the Master's hand and today I am the person He intended me to be. Romans 8:28 shows me that all things can work together for good for those called according to His purpose. (My paraphrase). Awesome!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pondering today...

I was pondering today on the saving grace of God. The thought occurred to me, God not only forgives and forgets He also forgets that He has forgiven in the first place. Our slate is truly wiped clean. It's like the disk of our lives is deleted, but in reality there is no recorded of anything on the disk. How great is that!